29 December 2008

Affiliate Program Teenagers

Be Special Be Yourself for Teenagers Affiliate Program Earn up 40% commission per sale with this Affiliate program that promotes a collection of inspiring stories for teenagers. This is a high rate of commission and the site sells the material in both e-book and hard copy format. This affiliate program is probably best used with a site that focuses on family issues and teen age problems and issues. The primary market for this book would be the parents of teenagers.

Remember that there are a range of ways for promoting your affiliate program once you have signed up. You can put up banners, you can write a short article on the stories, you can even promote the material through friends and colleagues. The strongest affiliate recommendations often come through people who have used the product , service or book themselves and who are then able to recommend it with some conviction.

28 December 2008

Affiliate Program Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Affiliate Program
The Beauty Shop Affiliate Program offers 10% per sale and a ninety day cookie. The Beauty Shop Website has a full range of skincare , haircare and cosmetics products and is very professionally presented. The website takes a full range of currencies and can be promoted in any market. This Affiliate program would be most suitable for matching with a women's or girls blog or a website aimed at women. To join the program just follow the link above.

Remember that the better you match the affiliate programs that you join to your website or blog then the more success you are likely to have with your affiliate marketing methods.

18 December 2008

Blogger Buzz: Your blog, your data

Blogger have just released a very useful feature which allows you to import and export your blog posts. You can do this either within the same blog like an archive system or to help you transfer posts from one blog to another. The import export feature is in the settings> basic page and is extremely easy to use. However as with all new features it is advisable to try it out on a test blog before you use it for real.

This should make it much easier to consolidate blogs and to move posts from dead blogs to live ones. The format for the export is the Atom XML format and it also exports and imports the blog comments so that you dont lose anything. An excellent feature.

06 December 2008

Sponsor and Advertising Disclosure

This blog operates in compliance with Federal Trade Commission rules.

As part of this compliance this is the disclosure policy of this blog.

  • I attempt to make as much money from this blog as possible - because I am a rational blogger who believes in Free Enterprise.
  • I try to make every post a paying post by attracting people to read my blog.
  • I want every link on this blog to be a paid link for me. If a link is not paying me then I will look for one that does.
  • I try to get the products that I write about on this blog for free. I will encourage you to do the same.
  • You should always assume I got a product that I reviewed for free. If I didn’t get it for free then that's my foolishness.
  • I dont Tweet much but if I did I would try to make them pay.
  • If you submit information to this site such as your email then it will only be used for the purpose given - usually to provide you with useful sponsorship information. I don't give away any information you submit to me.
  • If there is a legal and moral way to make money from this blog then hopefully I will be using it.
  • If I get paid to write about a product or I am advertsing something that does not mean I will positively endorse it - I may slate it. What you will find here is honest opinion.