06 December 2008

Sponsor and Advertising Disclosure

This blog operates in compliance with Federal Trade Commission rules.

As part of this compliance this is the disclosure policy of this blog.

  • I attempt to make as much money from this blog as possible - because I am a rational blogger who believes in Free Enterprise.
  • I try to make every post a paying post by attracting people to read my blog.
  • I want every link on this blog to be a paid link for me. If a link is not paying me then I will look for one that does.
  • I try to get the products that I write about on this blog for free. I will encourage you to do the same.
  • You should always assume I got a product that I reviewed for free. If I didn’t get it for free then that's my foolishness.
  • I dont Tweet much but if I did I would try to make them pay.
  • If you submit information to this site such as your email then it will only be used for the purpose given - usually to provide you with useful sponsorship information. I don't give away any information you submit to me.
  • If there is a legal and moral way to make money from this blog then hopefully I will be using it.
  • If I get paid to write about a product or I am advertsing something that does not mean I will positively endorse it - I may slate it. What you will find here is honest opinion.

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