20 October 2008

Email posting to your blog

One of the great things about blogging platforms is that they often allow you to e-mail posts to your blog. This of course means that you don'thave to be actually logged in to your blogging software to be able to create a post.

In blogspot blogger blogs it is very simple to set this up. Go into your settings tab and look for the email tab. Thjis will let you set up the email address that you will email your posts to. Then just use this email address when you want to email to your blog.

When setting the email address up in blogger you will also be able to choose if yopur email posts should publish immediately or if they should be held for publishing when you log in to blogger. This ability to email posts can be very useful as a way of making it easier for you to keep your blog fresh and updated. if for example you have a mobile phone capable of semding emails then you can post to your blog wherever you are without having to acess a PC.

Keeping a regular posting schedule to your blog can help keep your blog higher in the search engines. So if you want to keep your blog live with fresh posts but don't want to be tied to a PC it is worth finding a way to use mobile e-mailing to your blog.

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