08 June 2007

Up Selling Adsense

Up-selling is a marketing technique where the seller tries to sell you extra and often more costly items where have already made or are considering making a purchase. The "extras" which are sold in this way are often closely related to the product that you are already purchasing or have already purchased.

It is worth thinking about some non-internet examples of this before considering how you can you this technique in your own activities.

Have you ever purchased a Digital Camera or other electronic item and been sold an insurance policy to cover it? There is usually an element of up-selling in this. Or you buy a car and the salesman smoothly talks you into buying all those additional extras that you hadn't realised you wanted? Up-selling again. Or you decide to purchase a book on Amazon about say internet marketing and end up also buying DVD's or other items when you notice adverts for them. Consider yourself up-sold.

This technique is very effective and can be applied to websites using Google’s AdSense program. The technique of Upselling works best when the additional items or products are related to the initial products in some way – in other words they fill the same, or similar customer need that the first product did. Blockbuster up-sells rental customers by offering new and previously owned videos for sale. It groups videos and posts signs saying “if you liked this video, you’ll like this video” encouraging additional rentals.

If you simply slap AdSense ads on your website without thought you may be missing significant profits. You should identify the most expensive keywords that correlate with your existing keywords an dthe Theme of your site. Then create additional web pages or posts with quality content written around these more expensive keywords.

When vistors come to your site re your cenrtral keywords/search term,s they will also find information relating to more exppensive keywords. Those that follow these pages and click on Adwords ads on those pages will earn a higher return per click for you and you have upsold!

Obviously this is not going to be done without some effort - but I didnt promise you that you could make earnings without some work!

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