29 May 2007

STATCOUNTER Free log size up 500% !

Great news for those of you who use Statcounter to track visitors to your blog or website. Statcounter has now increased its free log size from 100 to 500 for each project that you create. This massive increase in the size of free stat logs means that you can track the pattern of your visitors much more extensively than before.

The free log size of 500 applies to each project ( website or blog) that you create on Statcounter - not to your overall account. You can track lots of projects - each with a free log size of 500.

If you aren't yet using Statcounter then it is highly recommended. Its a FREE service. No hidden costs whatsoever and they seem to be constantly trying to improve their service. I would urge you to try their service - you will not be disappointed.

Want to know more about Statcounters features and how to use it before registering with them ?Read about Statcounter Features and how to use Statcounter with blogspot blogs here.


murongqingcao said...

great stuff....thanks for your response to my question in the coffee shop....by the way why don't I see the real counter on your blog? can you show them here or you have to go to the service site to check it?

Bunc said...

with statcounter you have two main choices in regard to how your counter is set up. You can have an invisible counter, which is what I use, or a visible counter.

I prefer an invisible counter but its a personal choice. I like to try to keep clutter down on my pages. I'm not sure that a hit counter adds much for visitors so I choose the invisible option.

M said...

By the way - I just had a look at your site. I see you have adsense ads on but they are right at the very bottom. I would strongly suggest you put an adsense horizontal banner ad up towards the top. If you are going to have adsense on your site you might as well put it where it is going to do something useful!