23 May 2007

Adsense acts on MFA sites

Interesting news recently that Google is taking action against MFA ( made for Adsense sites). It seems that the largest of these operations have received notice from Google of account termination. Normally such termination for contravening terms of service doesn't allow the publisher to benefit from any yet to be paid revenue. However it seems Google may be paying these terminated account holders what they are due for the current month.

This development has been fairly well received in SEO circles where the general feeling is that it will hep to remove essentially empty sites and leave a more useful web for users and for publishers who are genuinely trying to add some value with their content.

There is some suggestion that webmasters operating Adsense arbitrage tactics are getting caught in this. I haven't explained a lot about arbitrage here and will do this shortly in another post. basically its is the technique of buying cheap and selling dear but there are particular ways that this is used by those who do it with Adsense.

It was always considered essentially a "white hat" rather than a "black hat" technique although a little borderline. Some people were making a lot of money from arbitrage so there will be some very pissed of people if this is true.

Although I think people should know about arbitrage it is essentially a very tricksy way to make income from Adsense. In general to be on the safe side and not have your Adsense account terminated you should concentrate on providing quality content. that way you will not get caught in these Google sweeps.

I'll catch up and put the links to the original posts about this story shortly.

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