02 September 2007

Adsense in Blogspot posts

Those of you using AdSense and a Blogspot Blog may not have noticed that you now have the option to insert ads into the page structure after your posts. In the past this was only possible by hacking the template and there was no way that you could easily do this using the page elements page in Blogger.
If you are using the new blogger templates all you need to do to take advantage of this is to go into your blog edit page elements page. Then click to edit the post widget and you will see that there is now an option to add an AdSense ad block within your posts. It also gives you the ability to decide how often the ads will appear - ie after a certain number of posts.

This is an excellent facility for Blogger AdSense users and one that people have been requesting for a long time. many users will have set the options already on their blogs and may not have realised that this facility is available. If you haven't tried this way of putting AdSense ads within the sequence of you posts then I would urge you to check this out. This can be an excellent way to position your AdSense ads.

One further refinement that Google could usefully consider to this facility is to broaden this option to allow the insertion of other blocks of html/script in sequence with posts in the same way. This could make this a very versatile facility.

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Sister2brother said...

Well I'm sure that it is a good thing that you posted about this!

A lot of those new to adsnese keep asking the question all the time about how they can put ads into their actual blog posts.

By the way you mentioned that before Blogger had this option one had to "hack" into the template - I never thought of myself as a hacker - until now - LOL!