28 September 2007

Get paid to click Ads

Get paid to click adverts? It sounds too good to be true I suppose. But that's exactly what ClickSense does. You get paid to click the Ads in their advertising program and read the advertisers landing page for, typically thirty seconds. The amounts you get paid for clicking adverts are not large ( they get better if you upgrade to a premium account). But you can also use your accumulated earnings to purchase adverts yourself on the ClickSense system. this seems like a great way for those with a limited advertising income to make a start with no real outlay. Simply sign up for a Clicksense account and start clicking the adverts then convert your earnings to purchase adverts yourself. Of course some of the people who will click your ads will be just doing it to earn their own credits. But if you target your ads and audience correctly you should be able to earn from the percentage that do convert. Why not give it a try. I have just signed up and I will report on this in a later post. ( update on Clixsense and Clixsense affiliate earnings here)

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