01 April 2008

Get paid for clicks update on ClixSense

I wrote previously about how my experiment with using ClixSense had been going very well and as it is a couple of months since I posted I thought it was time to give another update on my progress with this program.

For those who are unfamiliar with it the ClixSense program allows you as a basic member to earn small amounts of cash from simply viewing ads on the ClixSense system. As a basic member you have access to a limited range of ads to earn from but this number greatly expands if you join as a premium member. The real power of the system starts to kick in however once you have signed up and having earned some money from clicking ads you move on to the affiliate scheme. This allows you also to earn when you refer new members. The new members that you refer can themselves refer new members and you benefit from this also up to five levels deep.

When I first joined I promoted the scheme hard using an affiliate link but recently I have just been letting the program tick over itslef. this is possible because the intial members that I recruited have themseves been recruiting new members and I get a paid for each of their new referrals ( they do as well of course). My referrals are now starting to come in at four levels deep so the program is really beginning to move for me and I havnt been really promoting new members myself at all recently.

When I last reported I had fifty level one sign ups, ten at level two and four at level three and two at level four. My current figures are fifty five at level one, 15 at level two, four at level three and two at level four. Obviously deeper levels tend to move more slowly because not everyone who signs up bothers to recruit new members. ( Why they don't is beyond me !)

When I first signed up I must admit I was sceptical about this program but it actually has worked for me. Like I said before - I am not going to pay off my mortgage with this program but every little helps!

My advice to people would be - if you are going to join this program then make sure you earn money not only by clicking the ads but also by getting new sign ups as you will see your income grow much faster that way.

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