28 September 2010

Viglink is Affiliate Programs made easy

Using Affiliate programs to monetize a blog or website can give you a greater return than Advertising programs such as AdSense - if you manage you affiliate programs  well.
With an affiliate program, such as for example the Amazon Affiliate program, you sign up with the individual merchant as an affiliate and then as you write your blog posts or website content you link back to that merchants products - usually using specially created links provided by the affiliate program. In this way the merchant is able to track your affiliate commissions.

One problem with Affiliate Programs though is that you will often want a fairly wide range of products and if you sign up to a lot of affiliate programs it can be difficult to manage all those programs and different types of links.

Rather than sign up to each merchant separately as an affiliate you can sign up for affiliate programs such a Pepperjam or Affiliate Windows which act as an intermediary between you and the merchants.  Even here though there are issues. There are a number of these types of programs so you will still have to manage a number of programs and different link types.

Viglink is a fairly new program which simplifies managing affiliate programs. You don't need to worry about finding and posting special links or even signing up to individual merchant's affiliate programs.  Viglink provides a simple code snippet that you post once on your webpage. From there on it converts all product and website links into affiliate program links behind the scenes for you. They are linked to a very large number of the best merchant and affiliate programs. This means that you don't need to go finding and joining separate affiliate programs and worrying about tracking your progress on each of them separately - Viglink does all the work for you.

I strongly recommend Viglink. If you want to monetize your website or blog but want the process to be as simple and quick as possible then Viglink is the program for you. Doing your Affiliate programs the Viglink way means that you can spend far more time creating content and improving your website. As any experienced blogger or website owner knows it's good, relevant and up to date content that drives traffic so that is where you need to be spending your time.  Viglink  means that you no longer waste time managing your affiliate links - you let Viglink worry about that and you are free to concentrate on the things that get people coming to your site.


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