05 October 2010

Building an eBay business

eBay is a tried and trusted route to building an online business. Wordlwide eBay operates in more than 40 countries and has more than 200 million members, Almost 200,000 UK registered UK businesses buy and sell on eBay. It's a massive worldwide marketplace that offers incredible opportunities for anyone looking to build either an Internet only business or to enhance a more traditional business with a web presence.

One of the best guides to building a business on eBay is "Make Serious Money on eBay UK" by Dan Wilson.  This 300 page book with 33 chapters is an extensive and  complete guide to starting up a business using eBay It gives the full low down on both buying and selling on eBay and a wide range of other important information about building an online business.

 "Make Serious Money on eBay UK " gives the complete lowdown on how best to list items that you are selling, advice on sourcing products to sell, opening an eBay shop and how to really become a power seller.

Most of the advice in the book applies to people using eBay anywhere in the world but for UK readers it covers extra material such as how to register a business in the UK and matters such as business plans and accounts.

despite the books title it also contains a lot of advice on selling using amazon and information on using Google, and even advice about building and managing your own website.

This is a very comprehensive book which I would strongly recommend to anyone thinking of using eBay to start an online business. If you are already buying or selling on eBay then it is likely that there will be things in this book that will help you greatly improve how you are using eBay.

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