07 October 2010

Income from AdSense

A common question people ask about AdSense is how much income from Adsense can I earn from my website or blog and what is the average income from AdSense. Giving a figure for the average income from AdSense would be misleading because of the wide range of types of sites but working out the potential income for a site once you know the typical number of visitors and the niche that the website or blog is in isn't difficult.

Let's look first at how you might work out what potential income from AdSense that a site might get.  The most important measure first of all is knowing what the typical number of visitors per day is to the site.

So let's assume for the moment that your blog or website attracts 100 visitors a day and that each visitor only views one page. This makes the maths very simple - we can now work out that the number of impressions per day is 100. ( Note that you can do this the other way round as well - if you know the impressions and the number of unique visitors then it is easy to work out the typical page views per visitor).

Ok so we are now at stage one in working out our typical income from AdSense for this site. 

The second step is to know how many of these impressions will typically result in a click on an AdSense advertisement. Advertisers used to get clickthrough rates ( CTR) on their ads of 3% and beyond but these rates have been dropping for some years as visitors have become ad-blind and ad-averse.  If we assume that you site isn't all ads but that it is fairly well optimised re ad placement then let's assume you get a click through rate of 1%.

So in working out your income from AdSense we now know that for every 100 page impressions you can expect about 1 click on a AdSense advert.

All we need now is to work out how much we get per click and we know what the income from AdSense will be for the website - right? Well yes and no. Three are  so many different niches and they don't all cost advertisers the same for their ads and as a result the money you get per click can vary widely between differentt niches.
Lets assume for the moment that you are in a niche were you are attracting ads that pay on average 10 cents per click.

If you serve 100 page impressions you can therefore expect an income of around 10 cents per day based on these figures.

This gives us pointers to key things that you need to do to improve your income from AdSense.

Increase the number of visitors to your site
Increase the number of pages seen per visitor
Find ways to increase the likelihood that people will click the ads ( increase click through rate or CTR)
Make sure your blog or niche is attracting well paying ads - by using content that triggers the best paying ads
Find a good niche

None of this is rocket science but it does take dedication and hard work to increase your income from AdSense to levels where you are getting a substantial income. It can be done though - thousands of webmasters and bloggers have made a great income from AdSense and there is no reason that you cant do it to.

One more thing - Many people stumble with Adsense and either earn very little or end up getting banned. If this happens to you then try one of the many other programs available for earning income from advertising. Look out some of the other posts on this blog where you will find information about different programs.


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Hi, i had try your tips from google adsense i got some revenue. lets work with adsense. thanks you