20 October 2007

Getting paid for clicks 2

Getting paid to click adverts

In a previous post I said that I had signed up for ClickSense where you get paid to click an ad and spend thirty seconds on the advertisers landing page. I said I would give an update on this program and whether it was worth using. One of the things that had interested me was that you could turn your earned click money into paid ads and so use it to promote your own site or products.

Actually some of the ads were quite interesting on the site - but thats another story. I decided to have a go at the premium account. It wasn't costly and it gives access to a much larger number of adverts than the free account.

Here is a tip though! When you sign up you will be asked to give a profile and say what ad areas you are interested in. Make sure to tick all the boxes! Luckily I did as I realised later that this determines how many ads you can click on and that you can only change this profile every 90 days.

Anyway I signed up with a Clixsense Premium account and there are indeed hundreds of ads that you can select to click on. The numbers of ads that you can click on a with a Clixsense free account is much more limited.

It didn't take much effort to earn back all the money I spent on a Clixsense premium account and I am now quite well ahead. The next step will be converting some of my earnings into payment for ads and I will see how well these ads convert. I will report on this in a later post.

(For the latest news on this and changes to the Clixsense Affiliate payment scheme read this post)

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