09 July 2007

Adsense blog, website - or both?

Sometimes beginners who are trying to earn income with AdSense find the whole thing a bit confusing to start with. This can be a particular problem for people who are not really familiar with how websites are constructed, what the AdSense code is and how it should fit within their
page. In this post I want to cover some of these basic AdSense issues. Apologies to those of you who are already familiar with all this.

First of all be clear - you cannot be an AdSense publisher unless you are using a platform or a hosting service that will allow you to place the AdSense Javascript code on your page.

So, for example, if you are signed up to a blogging platform like Wordpress . com then I am sorry you wont be able to use AdSense - not unless you sign up for a different platform. (or use Wordpress on your own hosted site)

Perhaps the easiest way to start out on the path to earning income from AdSense is to sign up with Blogger. This is very easy to do if you already have a Google account. If you haven't already done this then do it now!

With a blogspot blog putting AdSense on your page couldn't be easier. You just use the AdSense widget on the page elements Template page.

More sophisticated AdSense users know that a better way to run your AdSense is to have more than one site. You can create more than one blog and put your AdSense on these other blogs - but make sure you have good content on them. Don't just put up MFA sites.

Even better results from AdSense can be achieved if you have content on different domains. This allows you to do some constructive cross linking and to develop a number of niches. Using different domains will increase your search engine exposure. A great way to start is with a FREE web hosting package.
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Mollotov said...

I added a link to your blog on mine (MollotovCocktail.blogspot.com). Thank you for your suggestions on the Blogger Help Group.

stanley said...

Can we exhange link? mine is http://ewealth-stanley.blogspot.com, pls visit & leave a comment. tq

Sister2brother said...

Adsense has really created a monster hasn't it!

I agree that the best way to start is with Blogger.com

I have a client now who I used Blogger to create the blog.

I think that using Blogger is the best way to start.

BTW- I'm sure that the users at myspace would love to be able to put adsense on their pages!

Anonymous said...

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