04 July 2007

Web Stats, Adsense Income and time factors

In a previous post I explained something about page impressions and CTR ( Click through rate) and explained something about how these numbers can fluctuate. In this post we will consider some other reasons for variations in your income from Adsense. If you don't understand what page impressions and CTR are then I suggest that you might wish to read the earlier post on these first.

How time and seasonal factors influence income from AdSense.
Let us imagine for a moment that you are running a website that is focused on selling travel insurance. Now you may not know much about travel insurance ( and I don't pretend to know about it in detail either - but that's not critical to my point.) Now take a guess - Over the course of a year do you think that your earnings from Adsense would be the same every month of the year? Would that be a reasonable expectation?

Do you see my point? We would expect that a travel insurance site might have its busiest months in the lead up to and during vacation periods. Equally we might expect that visitors. page impressions and Adsense income might be lower for other periods. Maybe you can think of better examples?

The point is that for some topics there will be a seasonal or time influence on the pattern of your visitors and their activity. You would not expect a site selling specialist ice -cream to do its best business during the winter would you?

So when thinking about your site statistics and your Adsense income think about whether there may be such time factors at play in the niche within which you are operating. These factors can come into play for the most surprising topics. Also such variations may be not only on a month by month but a day by day or hour by hour basis. Let me give you another ( made up) example to illustrate this. Lets say I have a site which provides somewhere for people who go to a particular evening class to post topics and read each others posts. When would I not expect to get many of them visiting such a site? When the night class is on!

So think about time factors when you are examining your stats.

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