03 July 2007

Internet Money making opportunities

When you are running a website or a blog it makes sense to think about other money making opportunities that can run in parallel with your income from Adsense. Why is this important? Well one reason is that there is always the possibility that you will fall foul of Google's terms of Service in some way and you may find your Adsense account terminated or suspended. This will be an unpleasant experience for you if you have put all your eggs in the Adsense basket.

I have previously posted on a number of Adsense alternatives. Most of these were advertising programs of one form or another.

In this post I want to have a look at a couple of other things I have come across recently.

The Ultimate Wealth Package is a turnkey type package which was featured in Entrepeneur magazine. It sets you up for selling other companies products and earning 75% commission on the sales and provides you with an online automated business.

Project Black Mask is different - it provides information about gaming search engines for thousands of FREE clicks in a completely automated way. Black Mask aims to show you how to milk a loophole in the Google algorithm. This is about increasing your sites exposure and visitors and would be of benefit wether you are using Adsense or alternatives to Adsense.

Finally there's Blogging to the Bank which gives you information about how to massively increase you earnings from blogging by creating blogs which draw in thousands of targetted visitors. I havnt tried this one myself so I cant recommend it one way or another.

And then of course theres that old standby parked domains. Here's an example of an adult parked domain with Sedo http://www.ursxy.com/