04 July 2007

Increase Adsense Income with Article submissions

One of the really great strategies to increase you website or blog exposure is using an article submission strategy. Article submissions are a great way to bring more links and visitors to your website and should be an integral part of any web site or blog promotion strategy. So just what do we mean by Article Submission and how exactly can writing articles which you give away for free boost your income from AdSense?

One of the unchanging facts about the Internet is that website and blog owners are always the looking for new, fresh and quality content. To expand your Internet presence as a website or blog owner you need contents that are regularly updated and that keep your visitors wanting to come back for more. Fresh content also helps to keep you up there in the search engine rankings. This in turn translates to more visitors to your site and in turn this should improve your Adsense income.

You will be thinking about fresh content for your site- but so are all those other site and blog owners. This is where article submission comes in as part of your promotion strategy.

There are many article submission sites on the Internet which will accept articles that you write and make them available to others, nearly always for free, to use on their sites.

Whoa there! I hear you say. Why should I give my efforts away to other sites like that? It's my stuff and I am keeping it!

Think for a moment though about the benefits that you get.

First you will be writing articles that fit well with the niche that your site or blog is about. There will be links in your article back to your site. So you are going to write useful and informative articles that wet peoples appetite for your site. (Repeat after me ....yes I will write articles that entice people to my site)

So when people who are searching for articles see that yours are relevant and meet their needs two things can happen ( hopefully both).

First there is a good chance that the person looking for the content will themselves follow the links back to your site ( and by definition your site is probably also well targeted to what they are interested in.)

Second there is also a good chance that they will want to take your article and reproduce it on their site. Now , when they do this these publishers are required to reprint your articles together with your links in them. They are required to respect your author rights and publish the article with the links intact.

This of course benefits both you and the person who publishes your article. They get good quality free content that is well targeted to their needs and you get another backlink out there that promotes your site.

Best of all the hard work of finding publishers who will take your material and publish it is handled by the article submission site.

If you have an online business and you are too busy to write such articles yourself it is possible to hire copywriters who will prepare such material for you - for a fee. Many site owners make use of such services but it is also entirely possible to do this yourself. Article preparation and submission can of course be very time consuming as can the process of making sure that you have found the best article submission sites and that you are meeting their guidelines. If you feel that your time would be more productively spent on other aspects of your online business or that you don't yourself have good article writing skills then don't be afraid to outsource.

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