23 October 2007

AdSense Help Forum Cartoon Series

AdDense Cartoon series

One of the places that newby AdSense users usually end up at is the AdSense help forum at Google Groups. This help forum is a very mixed resource for newby AdSense users. One of the problems the newbie user will encounter is that recently the board has had some quite hostile postings between regular members and has been haunted by at least one and possibly more clickbombers who have managed to get a number of peoples accounts terminated.

Partly in reponse to this and as a way of creating some humor about the whole issue of AdSense and affliate marketing I created a cartoon series loosely based on some of the characters who inhabit ( and I use that word advisedly) the Adsense help forum.

If you want to check out the AdDense cartoon series then follow this link and then use the right arrow below the cartoons to move through the series.

AdDense Cartoon series

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