31 October 2007

ClixSense now offering FIVE level Affiliate program

Its not often I get really enthusiastic about a program ( and I have never used the BIG RED TEXT before !) but the changes announced by ClixSense recently offer the opportunity of some really substantial earnings for those signing up for Premium accounts and promoting the ClixSense service as an affiliate. You will be real crazy not to get in early on this one! I will benefit from it if you do but so will you - but only IF YOU GET IN EARLY TO THE CLIXSENSE PREMIUM AFFILIATE OFFER


I referred in previous posts to the fact that I had signed up and having clicked all the ads as a Free member decided to enroll as a Premium member. This cost me the grand total of 10$. That's right 10$. I probably lose that much in loose change in a week down the back of my chair!
(Must check that chair)

Anyway,Clixsense have just announced

An amazing Deal for Clixsense Premium members.

Once you sign as a Premium member when anyone you refer upgrades to a Premium membership, you get paid $2 for that members upgrade. When that Premium member refers a new member who then upgrades to premium you are then also paid a $1 override commission. You just got paid for doing nothing! Yes you heard right.

It gets better though - wait till you hear this! This same arrangement continues not for one or two levels but FIVE LEVELS DEEP!

Let's say you refer five new members to ClixSense.com and ONLY three upgrade to a Premium account.

First at your own level you are guaranteed payment for each advertisement you click on and view for just 30 seconds. ( I am now up to 25$ through this arrangement )

Level one - You refer 5 new free members = 50 cents. Now 3 of them upgrade which earns you another $6.00. Total so far is $6.50 plus your paid to click ads.

Level two
- Each of your referrals refer 5 free members of which three each upgrade to Premium accounts. Your total now is $15.50!! ($6.50 for level one, and $9 for level two.)

Level three - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $42.50!! ($27 for level three, and $15.50 for levels above.)

Level four - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $123.50!! ($81 for level four, and $42.50 for levels above.)

Level five - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $366.50!! ($243.00 for level five, and $123.50 for levels above.)

Imagine what happens if you refer more than three members or even just three members per month! You get paid again when your referral renews their annual Premium membership!

Think about it, the old affiliate program paid a mere $15 when you had three upgrades. The new and improved program pays you up to $366.50 for those same referrals!!

Whats really interesting is that at every level there is a really strong incentive for everyone to go out and get new referrals. Obviously CLixSense are not likely to keep this particular offer open for long so I am real glad I am already a premium member. If you want my advice - join up - now!!

If you join up using my link below then I get a start through the five levels. Its takes no money out of your pocket and you might just feel that its a nice thank you for having put you on to this one! So please use my link and then get promoting your affiliate Cixsense program !!!


Dave said...

Thanks for this tip. I subscribed initially for a Free account.

I think that as you suggest I will use my ClixSense earnings to purchase adverts on their system.

I have two paid premium members joined on my recommendation already so if they use the system properly and recruit some more people I will have enough to run a very decent advertising campaign because the ads are not at all dear to purchase.

How many members have joined through you?

Bunc said...

Hi dave, thanx for leaving a comment. Glad to hear its working for you. I have had 17 sign ups so far (1st Nov to 5th Nov) four of whom have signed up as premium members to date. Obviously people wanting to get in early.

I had some premium members sign up before the new November affiliate arrangements but the arrangement was nowhere near as good then.

raj said...

Thank you for telling me about this - I have signed and it is as you described. I have already this time got someone else to sign up as well. Many thanks to you.