28 October 2007

Pasting AdSense code to a Blogspot Blog

Someone left a comment recently asking about the basics of pasting the AdSense code into a blogspot blog.
So for all you newbies out there - here goes.

First - make sure you go to the PAGE ELEMENTS page in your blogger editor. See the screenshot of this on the left.

Notice the bit that says "add page element"

Click this.

You should now get a pop up window which gives you a range of widgets that you can put on your blog. The next screenshot shows some of these.

The ones we are particularly interested in are the one labelled AdSense - and the one labelled HTML/JavaSCript.

The easiest one to use is the AdSense one. Just click this and then give the information that you are asked to give. When you save it this will place your ads on the page ( As long as you have an AdSense account and have given it the right information !)
If you dont like where a widget is on the page you can drag and drop it elsewhere.

The second method involves using the HTML/Javascript widget. For this you need to have obtained the ADSense ad code from your ADSense account and set up your ad size, color.

I always preferred this method because it gave more control over the ad types but it doesnt really matter.

Here is a screen shot of what you will see when you click the HTML/Javascript button.

Dont bother filling in the Title field.

Just copy the ADSense code that you got from your AdSense account and paste it into the box.
Then click save and the widget will go into your template.

Finally save all changes to your template and then view your blog - your ads will now be showing. Dont forget you must have an active AdSense account for this to work - if you dont you wont have any ADSense code to paste!


Debabrata Ghosh said...

YES-I have a valid Adsense Account.
As you have said I always follow the second option-i.e.pasting the copied Adcodes in the HTML/Java-Page element which I get by adding a page. And I arrange the page in the template-where I can see the Ads. But it is always on the top of my blog-post-I see them-if I set it on the top. Alright-upto this. But when I arrange a size -whatever it is at the bottom or at sides or in between postings-the Ads never come-There appear only white patches of that partricular size. Why I am succesful at the top and failing at other places including bottom? The same bottom Adcodes for 728/90 if placed on the top it acts. Why Sir-Why?
I'm frustrated.

Bunc said...

I assume from what you are saying that your ads, when put in the side bar or at the bottom always show a white space - no matter what sized ads you have selected?

I just want to be sure I am understanding you correctly.

I have checked the code on your blog and I see at least SEVEN adsense code blocks.

The first thing I would advise you to do is to remove some of them. I dont want to be rude but your blog looks like a real mess and needs a lot of tidying up.

It is important to have some ads at the top but not so many that your visitors will simply leave because they dont like your site!

I think that removing some of you widgets might also help in tracking down what the problem is with yur adsense ads.

The only ads that I can see are the ones at the top at the moment - the other adsense blocks are jsut giving whitespaces. You wouuld be better removing most of them until you can track down what the problem is.

Some blog templates also see to work better than others.

I would also suggest that you change the large Adsense referral button into a smaller button and see if this will move to your sidebar.

Feel free to come back here after you have tried some of this and we will see what is happening then.

If you want I will have a look at you site

Debabrata Ghosh said...

As you kindly advise-I am going to remove the Adsense page elements whereever they are. But as for the html codes to be changed, I think it'll be difficult for me to do.
However I'm trying.
Do you suggest my selecting a Classic template?
Thanks a lot.

Bunc said...

Hi again,
personally I prefer the cleaner white templates over the colored ones - but I suppose that is a personal preference.

I like three column templates but I would suggest that until you know what you are doing you stick to one of the standrad templates that blogger offers.

You dont need to use oone of the older classic templates - the new beta ones that you will see are fine.

What I am really suggesting is that it looks to me like you would be better starting from scratch - you wont lose any of your posts so dont worry about that. I also dobt you will be losing much ncome in the time it takes because your blog is still new and empty.

If you start again hen you will end up with a better looking blog and you will probably resolvethe code problem.

You may be able to resolve the ad problem without doing this but then you are still stuck with a crap looking blog!

I have occasionally helped people directly by goiing into their blogs with permission and sorting them out. However this is usually people I know so you will not want me to do that for you.

Post another comment if you are still having problems.

Debabrata Ghosh said...


I have changed my template-a black one-from the same blogger.
No Ads on top. Side and bottom.
But some Ads are yet to open-leaving the white patches.
You have told "What I am really suggesting is that it looks to me like you would be better starting from scratch - you wont lose any of your posts so dont worry about that. I also dobt you will be losing much ncome in the time it takes because your blog is still new and empty."
So I would request you to visit my blog once more and advise.Should I go with others as Google-Associate for ads?
Please write me again.

Bunc said...

I hav eto say I think your blog looks better anyway ! Dont you agree?

Now - the ad problem.

Your code SEEMS to be ok , although one of the early blocks of adsens ecode does look to have a funny line of code in the middle of it which I dont recognise. However its the image ad one and I never used them much so I cant be sure.

I notice that you have a number of 728 size ads in.

most templates are set up for around 800. However remember that they have a side bar - so you cant always put them in the main body and have them work right.

I think you need to remove all the non-displaying ad code first of all. then republish your site.

Then just try putting one ad back in but a smaller format one. Then republish again and see if that improves things.

Debabrata Ghosh said...

Dear Bunk,

After two or three days.
As advised I have started with a fresh Blogger Template and deleted all the blocked white patches that did not open. Following this the Ads started coming in the sides and at the bottom. But after two or three days all of these went off leaving only those at the top.
The same trouble with ads coming only at the top and not anywhere else. I can nit understand the root of the trouble.
As Google always says to paste the Adcodes in any of my webpages-I opened a web page with Google Page Creator-and pasted the Adcodes but without any result.
Please advise.

Bunc said...

Hi debabrata,

Let me suggest that you try this to see if we can narrow down if its the setup with this particular blog or if its something else , either with your code or something.

create anoher blogspotblog. Any name at all - its only a test blog.

Dont worry about pasting any content in posts. just use the same template as your main blog and try to add one adsense block in a time. Publish and see if the ads are showing.

If this works and the ads show then its something mote to do with the other blogs set up /template. if it doesnt then it may be something more gerneral either about how you are putting code in or ...hmmm need to think further about that.

let me know what happens.

Debabrata Ghosh said...


If I create another blog -I have to apply for Adsense again and the Google would not allow Adsense without some blogposts.
So I'll have to wait for a long time to see the result of this new venture.
What would you suggest in such context?
Thanks a lot.

Bunc said...

You dont need to aply to adsense again if you want to creat another blog. As long as you adsense account hasnt been banned you can create any number of blogs and put the same adsense code on them.
So there is no problem in creatinig another blog for the purpose of testing. I have done it myself.

Debabrata Ghosh said...


I'll go by your advice-create a new blog. But let me know whether my Adsense a/c will show the earning of the two blogs in one page?
If there is any scope to choose a template other than that of Blogger while remaining with Blogger?
Thanks a lot.

Bunc said...

Yes you adsense account will show income from both blogs.
There are other templates available if you search for them Hoever I think you should start with just a simple test blog and template and try your code again. No point in worrying about getting the other blog fancy until this problem is solved

Debabrata Ghosh said...

Dear Bunk,
I deleted all the Adsenses and revert to another blog. So far it has not been a headache.
Let me see for some days. But Adsense are making new techniques which I am afraid will not be understood by me-being a novice in this matter.
By the way-the main motive of a blogger is to bring people to his blog. Can you give me tips as to how it is possible.