14 February 2008

AdSense in India Fropper.com developments

India’s first social networking website Fropper.com will now be rewarding it's bloggers with AdSense revenue via a program called ezMoney. The ezMoney program will ensure that relevant AdSense ads are posted alongside the bloggers posts and the AdSense revenues generated from these adverts on the bloggers pages will then be shared with the Bloggers.

Joining the ezMoney program will simply involve creating a new a Google AdSense using a ‘Register’ with Google AdSense facility and then linking to the ezBlog. Existing AdSense users will be able to link an existing Google AdSense account to the ezMoney program.

Blogging has become popular among the 40 million internet users in India and increasing numbers are enjoying the chance to speak to others through the medium of a blog. Blogggers on Fropper.com will appreciate the ease of the new program and the chance to earn some income from blogging activity.

Fropper members have access to many pre-existing category templates for their blogging which makes the creation of blog posts on a range of different subjects very easy.

There has been increasing interest in Adsense in India and this development will do much to make income from AdSense further available to Indian internet users.

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