19 February 2008

Auctions - Buying and selling ideas

If you are looking for online income then one way is to sell on auction sites , or even on your own site. I wrote previously about using dropshippers to obtain products that you can sell on sites like e-Bay but that's not the only way.

In most countries including the US there will be police and Government Auctions taking place on a regular basis. These auctions are often not well advertised and are often not widely known to the general public. Vehicles are obviously high value items and the margins on selling a vehicle can be excellent - provided that you can obtain them cheaply enough in the first place.

This is where you can cash in from Government Auctions. www.gov-auctions.org for example concentrate on information about auctions of vehicles, trucks and SUV's. the vehicles at such auctions frequently go for massively under what would be a normal retail price. This can be a real opportunity to do some lucrative business. It's obvioulsy mportant though if you are goiing down this route to make sure you take someone who knows something about cars.

The good thing about these auctions is that once you have the inside information about them then you have access to a potentially steady stream of cut proice vehicles which you can then sell and make significant profits.

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