03 February 2008

Pepperjam Affiliate network

The Pepperjam network is a relatively new affilliate marketing network that I have recently joined. They don't as yet have an extensive portfolio of advertisers for affiliate publishers to select from but the list is growing regularly.

One of the good things about PepperJam is that once you have appplied and been accepted as an affiliate by any of the participating advertisers you can then create a pepperjam ad block which will include whatever sub-selection of those accounts that you wich to promote.

You could for example join a number of the specialist clothing affilaite programs and then create an ad block which only shows those clothing ads. You will see an example of a pepperjam ad block in the right hand column of this blog. This one isnt highly optimsed yet but it shows you the type of ad black that you can create. I addition most of the advertisers in the network also supply a range of banners, buttons and text links and many allow deep linking.

Many of the advertisers in the network are selling very niche products but this can of course be a distinct advantage when affiliate marketing.

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