25 September 2008

Tips for new adsense users

Its been a while since I covered AdSense issues and since AdSense is the first program most people use when they begin trying to make income from Ads i thought it was time to touch on the subject again.

Once you have got a reasonable amount of material on your website or blog and have applied and been approved for AdSense it is time to get that code up and start earning some income from your ads.

Often the first thing that happens at this stage is that the new AdSense user, who is not infrequently fairly new also to website management, finds that they can't figure out how to put the adsense code on their site. I have heard some strange ways that people have tried to do this in the past. This includes, believe it or not someone trying to make a screen shot of an AdSense ad and trying to paste this to their site. They were not likely to make much income from advertising that way (!!!!).

You MUST have a way of putting JavaScript code on your website or blog if you want to run AdSense. In Blogger this is quite easy. Look for the HTML/javascript gadget and put your code into that. If its to go into your sidebar then make sure the AdSense code that you are using is for something that will fit into your sidebar.

Other publishing platforms have different ways of putting the code in. Most Content Management Systems have a way to do this either through your "control panel" or by installing an additional module.

The last time I checked WordPress things were a little different. If you are using a blog hosted by WordPress itself then the last time I checked they didn't let you run AdSense or other javascript code as far as I remember. However you can also install WordPress and host it yourself - in which case you can use AdSense fairly easily.

If you have a website then you will often need to edit the code for the page(s) that you want AdSense to appear on. The code should go in the section of the page and you will need to find the correct place in the code so that it appears where you want it to.

Some other newbie tips are first to avoid any temptation to make income by clicking your own adsense ads. You will surely get banned from AdSense if you do this and there is no way back from a ban.

New users also often have problems with poor AdSense targeting their content and get ads that don't seem relevant and this impacts on their ad income. There is a way of telling AdSense which parts of your content you want it to treat as relevant. I covered this in a previous post some time ago.

Another issue for new users is that they often think they will make a fortune from AdSense from day one. Wrong. This is unlikely to happen. You need lots of traffic to make a good income and the average new user doesnt have such traffic. If you have lower levels of traffic then as long as the ads you are triggering pay a good amount per click then AdSense should work for you.

Finally, if you do get banned from AdSense then don't despair. It is not the end of the world. It is actually possible to earn as much or more using other income from advertising programmes although you will need to invest some time and effort like anything else that is worthwhile.

One of the programs I recommend is pepperjam which is excellent for niche marketing. If you are interested in this check out the sidebar.

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