22 September 2008

Widgets for increasing blog and website traffic

There are many ways to increase your website traffic. One way is to develop useful or interesting widgets that people can use on their blogs. Now if you are an experienced web developer then this is not too difficult a task. But what if you are someone who is just learning web development and you don't have great skills yet in using HTML, XML, Javascript and so on?

Well there are ways that you can do this without having to learn any programming or web development and this is covered in the latest issue of the Income-from-ads newsletter. See top right side bar for information.

The method involves taking your existing affiliate optimised webpages and using a fairly simple method available from a free website selecting those parts of your website which you want to turn into a gadget or a feed or XML output. Normally you would need to actually program this yourself but in the newsletter I will show you how this can be done in a simple drag and drop method.

Once you have done this you can then either offer your gadget directly to people and/or register it with Google and then promote and try to get other people to use it. When people put your gadget on their blog or website this gives you an additional source of traffic. More details in the latest Income-from-ads newsletter. ( If you sign up you will receive a small number of the previous newsletter first before receiving the latest one so be patient please. )

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