20 September 2008

Using blog trackbacks for traffic

Getting as much relevant traffic to your blog is essential and it important that you use all the methods that are available to attract traffic. Using trackbacks on blogs is one method that can get your blog posts some good exposure and attract visitors who might not otherwise reach your posts.

I was trying to think of a really good way to explain what trackbacks are and thought that I would search to see what others had written on the subject of using trackbacks to for traffic. I came across a really good post on another blog which explains how trackbacks work so I decided that the obvious thing is for me to use their trackback link and actually demonstrate the process for you before I explain its benefits.

Trackbacks essentially allow you to link back to a post on another blog that you want to write about using a special trackback link. The difference between a trackback link and an ordinary hyperlink to the post you are linking to is that the trackback link is picked up by the post you have linked to and that blog then displays a link back to your post.

The trackback therefore provides a way of dropping a link on to someone elses blog if they have trackbacks enabled and this indicates that your blog post has referenced their blog post.

How does this benefit each of the parties? Well the blog that offered the trackback gets linked to from your blog and so stands to gain visitors from your blog who will check out the blog post you are commenting on. In that way the blog that offered the trackback gets some exposure that it might not otherwise have got.

Similarly the blog that you linked to using the trackback shows a link back to your post and you stand to gain additional visitors who will be interested to see how you have added to the discussion and what further information you might have provided.

Trackback is in this sense a win-win scenario. Both parties get visitors that they might not otherwise have got. Of course both blogs also have vistors leave their site to read the other one - but vistors always leave anyway so its not a real loss.

Ok so I was going to trackback to that other blog wasnt I? Its a post over at eukhost.com and this is the trackback link.

When you are looking for the trackback link check in the comments area at the end of the blogpost - the trackback link is usually at the end of the comments.

Note that blogger ( blogspot) doesn't use the term trackbacks but uses the term backlinks instead. If you are using blogger then make sure you have enabled backlinks ( go to setting>comments tab). You can also turn them on and of for individual posts using the post options link.

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