23 January 2008

BidVertiser adds feeds plugins

On the back of the launch of BidVertiser Ads for Feeds, BidVertiser have now beefed this up with 3 unique solutions that will allow publishers to keep their current feed address (including FeedBurner!) when they run BidVertiser ads for Feeds. The Three solutions are;

1. A WordPress Plugin. This allows BidVertiser Ads to be embedded in your WordPress feeds.
2. A FeedBurner solution which allows for BidVertiser Ads to be embedded in a current FeedBurner address without disturbing the Subscribers Count.
3. A Solution for Blogger. BidVertiser Ads can now be embedded in the footer of blogger post feeds.

The facility to embedd ads into feeds is a really important one as Feeds have been one of the areas which has been problematic to monetize. These new solutions should considerably enhance the reach of those running BidVertiser Ads.

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