26 January 2008

Blogger Buzz: Learn how to add an image to your blog's header

Someone asked me recently how to add an image to a blogspot blog header.

The basics of adding an image to your blogger blog header are really straightforward. You might use this to add a small logo to your Header for example or to add a background behind your blog Title and description. You could even replace the Title and description altogether and replace it with an Image. I wouldn't recommend this last approach though as it will reduce the ability of the search engines to find you and index you properly.

First - go into your Template tab and go to the Page Elements page. Click Edit on the Header element and you will see the option to add an image from your computer or the Internet. You can also choose to add the image behind the title and description or to replace the title and description. Make your selection save and that's it done. Simple.

Remember - if you are going to use a full image to go behind your Title and description - if your Title and description are in dark/black text then your image should be quite light in tone - otherwise your title text will not be readable.

There are some refinements that you can make to this process of adding an image to your header and when I get time I will update this post with some further information on this.

Blogger Buzz: Learn how to add an image to your blog's header


Jack said...


I wanted to add a logo to my newbie blog, but i couldn't find where to upload it to as per instructed in you article.

Can you pls help me with this?


- Jack -

Income from Ads said...

The name of the tab has been changed since I wrote this.

1. Go to the Design tab.
2. Click edit on the Header section
3. An edit box will pop up called Configure Header
4. Browse for your Logo Image
5. Select how you want the image placed
6. Save

Your Logo will of course need to be suitably set up beforehand.