22 January 2008

Financing your internet marketing venture

In earlier posts I covered some of the basics of how to get yourself going with Internet marketing, PPC advertising and Affiliate marketing. Now while it's true that you can make an excellent start getting income from ads and affiliate marketing at relatively little direct cost if you want to really earn good money from the Internet at some stage you need to think about properly financing your venture.

There's an old saying that it takes money to make money and while its possible to earn income with very little outlay there is no doubt that your Internet marketing activities are going to be a lot more profitable if you invest some money in them.

Some of the things that will be costing you money already and that you may not have factored in include the cost of running your Internet connection and the cost of purchase/depreciation on your computer. Your aim should be to ensure that your online income from affiliate marketing and pay per click programs is going to outstrip these basic costs.

To get to this point you may need to consider investing some further capital, financed possibly by an online loan (usually an unsecured loan) or if you have it from savings. Some of the following things can be found cheaply or for free but, like most things in life, the quality often depends on what you are prepared to pay.
(For US residents only americaoneunsecured.com have an easy to use website that you can use to apply for an unsecured loan online. They offer unsecured personal and small business loans and an easy application process. No collateral is required and they don't look for financial statements, tax returns or business plans.)

Lets look at some of the core things that you might need to pay for;

Domain name registration - its important to have at least one and usually more of your own domains.
Web Hosting - many Free hosting services are very good but sooner or later you are going to need the extra facilities provided by a paid service.
Mailing list manager/autoresponder - again there are free ones but you get what you pay for!
and finally but by no means least;
Advertising Capital - you can do much to promote your affiliate products and pages by a range of link development schemes which will bring traffic to your site. However if you are really serious about your affiliate program then sooner or later you will need to take the plunge and fund a proper advertising campaign.

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