16 January 2008

ClixSense affiliate program update

In previous posts I have written very positively about my experience with the Clixsense scheme. Just as a refresher here are the basics of the ClixSense program. As a basic member you earn small amounts of cash from simply viewing ads on the clixsense system. larger earnings become available once you sign up as a premium member. This costs a few dollars but this money is easily recouped. Clixsense have a five level affiliate scheme which you become part of as a premium member. This allows you also to earn when you refer new members and when they refer new members you also earn from them - up to five levels deep.

I said that I would give an update on my earnings so far - well I have decided not to reveal the actual amount at this time - largely because its now starting to be a very healthy sum of money and guess what? - its my business what I am earning. Suffice it to say that I now have fifty level one sign ups, ten at level two and four at level three and two at level four. best of all this shows no sign of slowing down. I don't see ClixSense as ever being a major source of my income but that was never my intention. What interests me is the possibility of converting the earnings into adverts on the clixsense system. This will be a great way of generating extra exposure for my other activities at no cost to myself.

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