28 January 2008

How to build a Niche Website a poker example

In previous posts I spoke about the importance of building a niche website. I thought it might be a good idea to give an example of a good niche website development and I want to talk about an example in the field of Poker websites.

Now there are thousands of poker websites out there in the internet so if you were wanting to build a poker website ( and maybe play some poker !) how could you develop a website in this crowded niche market? Now I like a bit of poker myself so I thought I would do a bit of digging around to find a good example.

An excellent example of a website which has found a niche within a seemingly crowded niche market is MacPokerOnline.com which provides the only online source of information about online Poker specifically for the Macintosh computer user. The site owners have clearly identified that Macintosh computer users have very specific needs and they have targeted this part of the poker audience very well. They have developed an attractive and informative site and are closely targetted on meeting the needs of the Macintosh using poker player. For example they have a page which gives ratings for online poker rooms and a page which gives information about online gambling bonuses. they have clearly thought carefully about the kind of information that their customers will be looking for.

So where will all those Macintosh users go who want to play online poker? There is a good chance that many of them will find their way to this specialist Macintosh poker site.

That's niche marketing for you. A niche may seem very crowded and difficult to break into but if you spend time and think what customers are needing there is a good chance that even within a seemingly crowded market like online poker you will be able to find a smaller niche that will turn out to be profitable.

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