10 April 2007

Adsense? - Give me the money!

Ok so you read my post on the money some guys make from Adsense and you are going to make a website or a blog to put Adsense on and ... and ...

Whoa there! This is not a good reason to start a website or a blog. Starting your thinking with Google AdSense is not the right way to go about it. Your efforts will just look like exactly what they are - an attempt to earn money through Adsense. You will come across such sites. They have no useful information or advice and what happens? Usually you don't read anything on the site and you move on. What is the point of that?

So don’t just launch a website because you think you can earn cash from Google AdSense. You may end up with a website that earns an income of a $1000 or so in a few years. If you want to earn a proper income you should have a good reason to launch a website. It could be that you can think of a valuable service, or that you have valuable knowledge to share or a good product to sell. Of course you can just launch sites for the Adsense income but without good content you will struggle to make good earnings.

So before you go any further think about your motivation for using Adsense and how it fits with your overall plans. Whatever your reasons for having a web site or a blog I'll give you some further tips in future posts.

And make sure you read the Adsense primer so you understand how contextual advertising works!

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