22 April 2007

Remember your Blog basics

I thought a little mnemonic to help you remember some key points might be helpful. I am going to write a post in the near future on each of these points so it would be nice to see you back here. This should help you remember some key points as you blog.


C - Create great content
O - Optimize your site
N - Nourish your Niche
T - To write is to earn.
E - Engage your readers.
N - Never click your own links.
T - Tools tell all.

R - Regular posts pay.
U - Understand your readers.
L - Love Links.
E - Every Post shall have a Theme.
S - Shy bloggers stay poor.


SmartLooK said...

May i ask, how much $$$ are you making monthly from adsense?

Charles said...

Hi Smartlook,
Thanks for the comment.

I wondered when I started this blog if I should let folk know how much I make using Adsense (and other online methods).

I look at it this way - would I be happy to walk down the street telling everyone how much I earn? Maybe not.

You will see sites where the owner posts up "proof of earings". A lot of these are faked.

I could claim I make $3,000 dollars a month (not from this blog). How would you know if this was true or not? So I am not sure it helps you for me to make claims that way anyway.

I get regular Adsense checks using the methods I writing about here and I continue to refine my methods.

I guess the "proof is in the pudding" as the saying goes. I would bet my Adsense earnings that anyone following the advice here will be quite happy with the result.

I am not going to make claims here that I am some worlds best Adsense "guru" - most people claiming this are bullshitting you in some way.

I am an fairly "ordinary Joe" who started from scratch, read up stuff, used a dose of common sense and got good results.
I would be pleased if you find the advice here useful.