17 April 2007

This advice really works

I know what its like. You read a site that gives you tips and you wonder to yourself - is this just bull, does this really work? Yes - I do that too. I know when you are reading my posts you might wonder - well he says these things work but do they?

Well just to give you some evidence I have copied a graph into this post which shows the performance of one of my blogs ( not this one). Its a graph of my logs and shows page loads, returning visitors and new visitors.

This was a blog that I started some time ago and I hadn't really given it much attention until earlier this year. Then I decide that I needed to give it some tender loving care and put into practice the things that I am writing about on here.
You will notice that apart from a burst around Aug Sept the activity was pretty steady. ( It looks lower than it is because of the way the graph scales to accommodate later results. )

However you can see that in Feb things start to move as I sort the blog out and attend to content, promotion and other AdSense improving factors. Notice how from a previously steady rate the blog bursts into new life as I get a tremendous percentage improvement in page loads, new visitors and returning visitors.This translates into revenue for me and that blog is now performing nicely.

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