11 April 2007

Drawing it all together

If you have followed these posts from the beginning you will now understand how Adsense works as a good way to make money from your website or blog. You should also have a realistic understanding of what can be achieved using Adsense. I have also described some general alternative strategies for making money from the Internet. ( I will come back to them in more detail later).

The big advantage with Adsense of course is that you don't need to do any direct selling yourself. Adsense deals with all of that. It arranges the contracts with advertisers and their payments and you just deal with placing your ads and attracting visors to your site. I am going to return to the subject of attracting visitors to your site in a later post and take you through the main strategies you should use.

So your main job is to concentrate on your site - its content and its promotion.

I'll be back early next week as I need to take some time to work on my main site!

However even with good content and promotion there are details that you need to know about Adsense if you are going to maximise your earnings. These things aren't necessarily hard to understand. Most of them also are not very secret. These pieces of advice are however scattered all over the web and my intention here is to bring all this together in an easily digestible way for you. If it saves you some time searching the internet then I've done my job right and hopefully you will come back again.

Some of the tips I will cover will quickly boost your Adsense earnings and whether you are doing it as a spare time activity or making a full time business of it you should see better returns on your time.

In the next post I am going to take you through the basic set-up you should establish to get yourself and your site ready for Adsense. This will include not just Adsense issues but also issues about your website and its content that can greatly effect your Adsense earnings.

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