04 April 2007

OK What is Adsense?

While there are other advertising programs available on the internet Googles Adsense is by far the best known and the easiest place to start for the website owner or blogger just starting out.

If you are running a website or a blog and you haven't yet considered using Adsense to generate income then now is the time to give this serious thought.

First I have to make sure that you are going to be realistic about what Adsense can do for you. You will see websites and adverts that promise you untold riches if only you will sign up to their particular scheme. Now these can be worth checking out if only to understand what your range of options are. There can be pitfalls to some of these though and I'll tell you about them later.

So theres a lot of things to look at look at in future posts but now just remember one thing - like anything else in this world you will only get out of your Adsense activities what you put into them. Sure you can earn income from Adsense and some people earn a very very good income. But you are not going to earn a significant income without putting some work in - even if it is in your spare hours.

In this Blog I hope to help you save yourself some time on the Adsense learning curve so that you will be up and running with your Adsense income quickly. Remember to bookmark this site so you can find it again easily for further tips. (Check the add to favourites link at the top right).

I guess you'll want to know how much money you can make from Adsense then?

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