17 April 2007

Dont get kicked from Adsense

The first rule? Don't get yourself kicked of the AdSense program. the second rule - don't get yourself kicked of the AdSense program. The third rule? Well you get my drift.

If you follow Googles terms of service you should not be faced with being kicked out of the AdSense program. The problem is that many people ( and I count myself one of them) have a habit of skimming terms of service documents and not really taking in what they are saying. Most times this is not a great problem but if you do get kicked of the AdSense program it may not be easy to get back on. So read those Terms of Service!

The major don ts are as follows;

1) Don't be tempted to click your own Ads. Google will monitor this and your AdSense career will be over before it starts. If you see an interesting Ad then don't click it. Take a note of the URL and open a separate browser window and put the URL in there. Clicking your own Ads is a real big no no. They will count these as Invalid clicks.

(Note: After I wrote an published this I noticed a News article that says that Google has been withholding the value of invalid clicks from the payements to Webmasters. I have only scanned this so far so I am not clear if this is an alternative to suspending your accouunt fro this infringement. I wil read more and note it here. The information is in a digital point forums thread.)

2) Don't get your pals to sit and click your Ads! Google is smart and will be able to monitor unusual click patterns so don't be tempted to try to distort your earnings in this way.

3) Don't be tempted to try to use some Software robot to make automatic clicks. Again you will have Google on our back - and that's not what we want is it?

4) Google has rules about the number and type of its Ads that you can have on its pages. From memory its three text/image ads and one link ad unit. Don't put more on your site. Apart from the fact that your site may well end up looking cluttered and tacky its against the TOS - so don't do it.

5) Google has rules about not putting up empty pages just for Google Ads. You'll be unlikely to earn any income from doing this anyway - so why bother? Also don't try slapping the Javascript code for the Ads in emails - they don't like that either. Google did have a beta scheme for RSS for feeds but on my last look this wasn't taking new applications and I am not sure that it is still active. Generally just stick to using the Ads where they were intended top go - on web site and blog pages.

So be good. Be an Angel. Be nice to Google Adsense and it will be nice to you. Break the rules and you are going to have to go looking for another advertising program. Its a lot of hassle and hassle that you don't need if you get kicked out of the Adsense program.

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