09 April 2007

How not to do Adsense

Some people try a strategy with Adsense where they just create "empty" websites and blogs simply so they can show Adsense adverts. I am going to refer to this as "Adsense Farming".

Those who do this tend to use software "bots" to create thousands of such sites. They will work on the principle that if they get only a tiny percentage of "hits" but have thousands of these sites then they will gain income by the very scale of the operation.

Now Adsense farming is quite objectionable and I would discourage you from going anywhere near it. My reasons arise from being both an internet consumer and a user of Adsense myself.

From the Internet users point of view coming across one of these empty sites that have been farmed in this way is not a useful experience. I am highly highly unlikely to click one of the adverts if the site is empty and I suspect most surfers are like me.

Think for a moment about your own internet experience - how likely are you to follow adverts on a site that has been useful to you and presents you with useful relevant information? Now think how likely you are to follow adverts on a site who's content really is only those adverts? See what I mean. So the Adsense farmers have to create thousands and thousands of sites to get income and mostly they just end up pissing people of.

Of course there is another and more important reason not to follow this strategy. Google is pretty smart and has a history of taking action against those who abuse its Terms of Service. Putting up empty sites simply to show Adsense ads is most definitely against their terms of service and could lead to an account being terminated. Google takes measures to weed out those who use this approach. So I don't advise that you do it.

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